What WeSunSolve had that MOS don't

As my old website WeSunSolve is now closed, I've been asked multiple time to "provide some feedback" to improve MOS. Here is my attempt.

BTW: Please note that opinion expressed here are only for myself and that neither Oracle or any affiliates are expressing them..


General Principe

WeSunSolve website has been developped to be picture-less and as lightweight as possible, we also observed the KISS principe.


Whenever you wanted, you were at one click of any information available on the website, without the need to type any credentials. This allowed also a lot of people to use this website inside their reports and even the automated ones. PCA tool also integrated links to WeSunSolve to ease the information about patches.

As the managers inside a company never have MOS account, it was easy for them to quickly browse to the information that were sent through their sysadmin.

The way Google indexed the website was also an advantage: When a sysadmin had an error message, he could simply use Google to search it and found the bug/patch readily available.

Live Chat

Although some Community Forums already exist at Oracle, the Live chat was often preffered by users of WeSunSolve to have a discussion about latest released patches, sun hardware, bug reporting, or just to have a discussion with other fellow sysadmins about how Live Upgrade is doing great ;-)

SysAdmin toolbox

With the two years time WeSunSolve lived, we had the time to develop a lot of tools for the registered sysadmins, including:

Fingerprint database

The old sunsolve.sun.com website allowed also to query a Fingerprint Database which permitted the sfpC.tpl tool that was originally written by Glen Brunette to check for your system's fingerprint.

WeSunSolve allowed this tool to be revived and to serve the community of Solaris users, enabling sysadmin to check their binaries. (Screenshots here, here and here.

RSS Feeds

For the quick morning check of every sysadmin, we also allowed our main section to be viewed from RSS feeds, which were also very popular, including:

Other features

I think, from every e-mail I received theses last couple of weeks, that I'm not even aware of everything that was done using WeSunSolve. Although, here is a couple of feature that I've developed along with a screenshot when it's useful.


I just wanted to let know the reader of this page that, after all, WeSunSolve fullfilled its goal, as the graphics above can show, there were the last days almost 3000 unique visitors every day...




Other details about the numbers

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